Supply Only Service & Pricing

The alternative to our fully bespoke project managed service is we just supply you with under-coated cabinets for you to then arrange the fitting, painting, worktops and appliances.

We have decided to name the two most popular styles from our bespoke range of kitchen cabinets that are available on a supply only basis. These styles are ‘The Woodchester’ which is a classically simple shaker style and ‘The Amberley’ which is very similar but has a framework with a simple bead that the door is set within and a slightly more ornate cornice.

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Should you decide to use our supply only process, this starts with you visiting our showroom with some plans or dimensions of your kitchen area and then Tim Buckingham who is one of the partners and the chief designer can ask you various questions and then advise on a layout. After this Tim can do a plan of your kitchen and work out what cabinets you will be having and then give you an idea of costs. If you are interested we can also give you separate prices to do the fitting and also hand-painting of the cabinetry.

Finished Projects

Click on the images below to see some costing examples for the supply of the under-coated cabinetry for each project

FAQs For The Supply Only Service

Q: Do you fit the cabinets?

A: In most cases we don't. Our Woodchester and Amberley ranges are designed for you or your kitchen fitter to fit but depending on where you live, we may be able to offer a fitting service. Please get in touch to see if we cover your area and for a separate quote.

Call us on 01453 835580 or email

Q: If we are having a new floor in our kitchen, should this be laid before the cabinets are fitted?

A: Yes, we recommend that the flooring goes down first.  It is far nicer for the appliances i.e. dishwasher, range cooker etc, to be stood on the floor and also, should you have fitted the cabinets first it would mean unnecessary cutting of the floor material.

Q: Do you design our kitchen?

A: No, we leave that up to you. However, if you email us photos of the room and the dimensions, we'll happily advise on the type of cabinets you could have there. Or visit us at our showroom, bring along your photos and measurements and we'll suggest design ideas.

Email or call 01453 835580

Q: Are the cabinets supplied painted?

A: All cabinet frames, doors and drawer fronts are supplied with a white undercoat, ready for you to paint yourself in the colour of your choice. If you plan to paint your cabinets in a dark colour, please let us know and we'll apply a darker undercoat.

Call us on 01453 835580 or email

Q: Do you supply handles and worktops?

A: No we don't but if you call or email us, we'll happily give you details of handle and worktop suppliers that we know, trust and have worked with over the years.

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Q: Can you make the cabinets in other sizes?  

A: Yes we can and there is no extra charge.  Please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements then we can give you a firm quote.

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Q: Are the cabinets durable?

A: Our cabinets are extremely durable. They are hand-made by our skilled craftsmen using top quality materials, and we have absolute confidence that they'll last a lifetime.

Q: We need work done to our kitchen before we fit the cabinets. Can you recommend tradespeople?

A: Depending on where you live, we may be able to recommend flooring, plumbing, electrical, painting and plastering contractors.

Call us on 01453 835580 or email

Q: Can you deliver the cabinets?

A: Yes we can. The cost depends on where you live, so please get in touch and we'll give you a quote. Alternatively, you could arrange collection from our workshop.

Call us on 01453 835580 or email

Q: Do your prices include VAT?

A: Yes they do. All of the prices shown include 20% VAT.

Q: What is the payment process?

A: We'll need a 50% deposit when you place your order and the balance on the day before delivery or collection. We'll send you a reminder a week before final payment is due.

Q: When will my cabinets be ready?

A: The cabinets are normally ready for collection or delivery 6-8 weeks after you place your order.  This may be subject to change, you're welcome to call and check before ordering.