Dressers, Larders & Island Units

Any Victorian kitchen worth its name had a dresser and a larder in which to hold all the crockery and food. We think your kitchen deserves the same but we’ve brought them into the 21 st century. As ours are bespoke you can choose open shelving or concealed, glazed or solid doors, spice racks, wine racks and handmade willow baskets … the permutations are many. And we’ve picked up a few Victorian ideas as well. The reason they had shallow shelving? So they could see every jar and bottle at a glance without  a hunt ..or without missing  its sell-by date.

The island is the most versatile unit in the kitchen as it can incorporate everything… including the kitchen sink.  Almost any appliance can be contained in its base along with the usual  drawers and cupboards – but there’s also room for  wine racks, wicker baskets (for holding almost anything), cook book shelves, tray storage… you name it, we can design it. And of course it makes food preparation and cooking a lot more fun nowadays. You don’t need to stand at the worktop and  gaze at the wall any more – your family and guests can perch on stools on the other side of the island (where you have your breakfast bar/overhang) and chat to keep you company.